Thursday, December 20, 2012

Casting On

I guess this blog has been blank long enough. I have to start somewhere, right?  The problem is, I get started everywhere.  So how exactly, did I get here?  

Sure, I've always been crafty, but I never really had a craft.  I've always been determined to change that.  So for years I scrambled up and down the aisles of the craft store searching for the one.  I think I was expecting it to just jump and bite me.  But it never did.  And so, week after week, year after year, I'd stock up on a plethora of new supplies, sit down in my room, and crack open the latest crafting how-to.  And... two or three craft intensive weeks later, I'd give up, shove the new supplies in my overflowing craft trunk, and walk away.  

Then one day I found it...  the yarn aisle!  I had dabbled in crochet, when my friend's little sister taught me to crochet a granny square.  But the hook just wasn't for me.  And... apparently I didn't get the memo that you were supposed to pull from the middle of the skein.  Talk about a tangled mess of madness!  Between that and getting my hook stuck in the middle of the yarn, I was over it.  So I knew if yarn was going to be my thing, I'd have to find a new angle.  I grabbed a little book and starter kit, dove in head first,and I Taught Myself Knitting.  I was tempted to quit a few times.  I mean I can hardly use chopsticks, hand-eye coordination was never my strong suit, and patience... forget it.  But one thing I have mastered...  obsession.  And once those needles started working for me, that was it!  Watching those stitches stack up row after row, in those neat-little-oh-so-gratifying v's... I couldn't get enough.  I was hooked (on needles).

We've had our ups and downs, those needles and me.  We broke up for a little while, and I found another love (we'll talk about the lovely hum of my sewing machine later), but time after time they always found their way back into my hands, and back into my heart.  

And so here we are.  And we are ready.  And I know it won't be easy, love never is.  But we're gonna to do it!  We are tying the knot, and casting on, for all the world to see!


  1. I love a knitting pun and you!!! Can't wait to learn more and maybe ill actually learn to knit

  2. The punny just kept *unraveling* out of me ;]

  3. I can't resist. I have to say it. You're a knit wit.