Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In the Knick of Time

I officially made it through the Holidays! And the best part?  I actually completed every gift I set out to make! (Okay, okay so there was one I didn't finish...the perpetually frogged Boyfriend Fiance Sweater, henceforth known as Samurai 2.0.. but we'll get to that later) It was a close one!

I was nearly knitting my future-brother-in-law's gift while walking out the door on my way, to Christmas #1.
Meric the Patriot Monster
I was on top of it for Christmas #2 and 3's gifts
Winter Survival Bag (Tissues, Cider and Chapstick)
A very happy girl and her new Comfy Cable Blanket
...but I actually had to set an alarm to cast-on, bind-off, and wrap up Christmas #4.
The Triplets of Bellevuemeade

All in all I would say Christmas 2012 was a great success!!!  And I would tell you that I'll get a head start on next year's ventures into the art of handmade gifts, but...  let's get real.


  1. the fabric on that little survival kit is adorable! I need an entire dress made of that!

  2. I'm with Kimmie, but I just want a skirt. Love all your stuff.